Mercado is a shop kicks off with a wide range of design objects . We value the know-how of centuries old Portuguese tradition but also what is sparking inside the minds of contemporary designers, either in Portugal or beyond borders. Many of the pieces found here are made in exclusive for us.

This means whatever you might set eye your eyes upon (or your mind) and desire to have it, odds are it cannot be found anywhere else.

The conceptual mind , creator and curator  of Mercado is Tiago Centeio.



Mercado works with Portuguese craftsmen and designers, and develops tailor made pieces for different projects, always guided by originality and authenticity. From materials such as wood, stone, ceramics, brass and glass we create special objects away from the ordinary.

Whenever possible, we choose local raw materials and work with the artisans and designers of the region to which the project is destined. In this way, we strengthen bonds and open new horizons. We like to design from scratch, following every step of the creative process, from concept to production.

But we can also start from an already existing and perfect piece, and develop customized versions, according to the characteristics and specific needs of the project they’re intended to. From one piece to several hundred. All unique. The result of a committed curatorship and the love for every detail, that can only be found at Mercado.

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